Our Hoyland practice stocks a massive range of Ray-Ban designer sunglasses throughout the year. Rayban prescription sunglasses are now available with the original Rayban logo engraved on the lenses – giving the designer branded look!

There’s something for everyone, from wayfarer to aviator to children’s; if not, anything current can be ordered specially for you.

New to Premier Eyecare Hoyland Polaroid sun glasses are available with polarized lenses.

When light reflects off shiny surfaces, such as sand, water, snow or tarmac, it is diffused in horizontal and vertical waves: the first allow the human eye to visualize colours and contrasts, while the latter only produce reflections. The glare affects visibility, making it difficult to sunbathe and dangerous to drive, cycle or ski. While non-polarized lenses just darken what you are looking at, sunglasses with Polaroid polarized lenses ensure more comfort and less glare. Thanks to their anti-glare properties, the lenses can be worn all day, every day, to live every moment in style, safety and comfort.

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